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Boondrive Digital Asset Management

Digital asset is any digital content owned by an individual or organization. Digital assets include photographs, logos, illustrations, animations, audiovisuals, documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. These digital assets need to be organized, sorted, retrieved, and managed among users as per requirements. Boondrive is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that enables this process of managing digital assets. It is easy to use cloud based DAM (Digital Asset Management) software.


The digital assets can be uploaded, and organized as folders and sub folders in boondrive. Only authorized users can preview and download contents of the folder. The labels such as title, description and tags can be edited in each asset from boondrive. The assets can be searched quickly using their tags. Each asset can be individually shared and embedded in other websites by generating a sharing link. Furthermore, the digital assets from various folders can be added to a collection for easy viewing.


The digital assets from different folders can be gathered into collections. Multi layered collection can be created to organize the contents. The collection can be enabled/disabled. When a collection is enabled, digital assets from various folders can be added into it.


New users can be created by superadmin as per requirement. User roles can be assigned as superadmin, admin and general. Admin users will have more privilege than that of general users.